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Haydn John Samuel Blower was born on the 26th March 1992 at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton West Midlands England. From a young age he has always had an interest and passion for singing, modelling and dancing. His first inspiration for dancing was when he first watched Step Up the movie, from that moment Haydn began learning the dance moves step by step, soon after learning the moves Haydn wanted to further his dancing skills by jumping on YouTube and looking at what other dancers have uploaded. Haydn felt after seeing this that he was up to the standard to then show the public his new found passion by uploading his first freestyle dance video; this video had 37,000 views in approximately 9 days. Alongside dancing Haydn has also enjoyed the causal singing and has also uploaded a video to YouTube, with no lesson the video had mixed responses, after that Haydn had a few vocal coaching lessons which showed in his next video by the comments. As Haydn moved away from singing and into the beginning of his modelling career, he has taken part in many modelling experiences and even taken the role of the Brand Spokesperson for many upcoming companies to promote their new line of products and later on landing one well known company OnePiece the Original Norwegian Jumpsuit, where his photos were used on their website as well as promoting them on his social media platforms. To a more later date he has attended a exclusive press day for Burton Menswear London in London where he had the chance to try on a few items to take photos of the outfits that he thought would look great together which were added to Burton’s website for the lines coming out in the fall of 2016 and summer 2017. Haydn has worked and is still currently working with brands from both the fashion and lifestyle side such as men’s skincare L'OREAL Men Expert, HappySmiles teeth whitening toothpaste and Extri watches. Haydn hopes to become a professional fashion blogger in the future and to start a YouTube channel to cover other areas of his interests.